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Least Favorite Songs

1.Justin Beiber-Baby

2.Taylor Swift- You Belong To Me

3.Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

4.Billy Ray Cyrus- Achy Breaky Heart

5.Dj Tiesto- Just Be

6.Dead or Alive- You Sin Me Round

7.Paul Lekakis- Boom Boom

8.Jonas Brothers- SOS

9.Britney Spears- Oops I DiD it Again

10.Kesha- Tick Tock

Favorite Songs

1) Paul McCartney-Let Me Roll It
This song reminds of my childhood, Mom was a Wings fan so I heard lot of this growing up.
2)TRex- Cosmic Dancer
I love everything about Trex, and it talks about childhood, growing up etc.
3) Rolling Stones- Cant You Hear Me Knocking
Also reminds me of childhood, plus it rocks.

4)John Lee Hooker- Hobo Blues
I like that its just a man and a guitar, live, no special effects,no bs. Seems very honest,form the soul.

5)Blondie- Accidents Never Happen
I love the sound of the drumsticks in the background, very catchy like most of their music and I like the lyrics.

6)Divinyls- Elsie
I like the lyrics,somewhat dark, the arrangement builds to an emotional climax that I like a lot.

7)Tommy James and the Shondells
This was the first song I can remember hearing on the radio. It was the moment I realized I love music.

8)Dessert Sessions- Like a Drug
I like the vocals, lyrics,message, its very easy to listen to,dreamy. Its based on surf music and the rhythm reminds me of waves.
9)Bert Jansch- Poison

10)Iggy Pop and the Stooges- Johanna
I used to play this song every night at the bar I used work at, reminds me of those times and its Iggy Pop. There music is very raw.

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